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Australian Koroit Boulder Opal Pendant (1)
Australian Koroit Boulder Opal
Reclaimed  Marquise Cut Diamond
(Appox. 1/4-1/3 Ct.)
Sterling Silver
14k Gold
18" Leather Necklace with Custom Infinity Clasp

Quartz with Tourmaline Pendant (1)
Quartz with Tourmaline Crystal, Brazil
Argentium Silver-Tarnish Resistant
Pendant - 10.6 Dwt. / 16.48 Grams Silver
18" Handmade Chain - 8.3 Dwt. /  12.9 Grams Silver

Australian Boulder and Ethiopian Opal Pendant (1)
Australian Boulder Opal
Uncut Natural Ethiopian Opal
Sterling Silver-Hammer Finish
18" Hammer Finish Sterling Silver Chain

Azurite Pendant (1)
Azurite from Moab, Utah
Sterling Silver-18.9 Dwt. / 29.39 Grams
Heat Colored
18" Leather Necklace with Antique
Skeleton Key Clasp

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